Media Commentary

I provide regular media commentary on issues that relate to European Politics (Brexit; populism; party politics and elections) alongside issues such as nationalism and identity politics. I am also on the CUHK Online Expert list and you can find my profile here.

I have provided recent analysis to major news outlets such as the BBC, CNN, CNBC, CNBC Asia, Al Jazeera, South China Morning Post, Radio France Internationale, Bloomberg News, Politico, Yaxzhou Zhoukan (Asia Weekly), France 24, Ming Pao, El Pais, Democratic Audit and LSE EUROPP, the Times, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce alongside Radio Television Hong Kong TV, The Straits Times, The Hong Kong Economic Journal, Sputnik International, Newsweek, The National Interest, La Tercera, Zetland and the Globe Post on topics such as the Migration Crisis in Europe, Asian Politics; the rise of the far right, and Brexit, alongside European Election Analysis.

I have also contributed to recent articles for YouGov (London) TNS opinion (Brussels) and The Geopolitics. For any media or political consultancy enquiries related to political risk analysis, please contact me via email at: or via phone: (+852) 3943 7480.

Some recent examples of my media commentary can be found below.

(1) “UK PM Theresa May is in a dangerous political situation.” CNBC.

Image result for UK PM Theresa May is in a dangerous political situation: Expert

(2) “It’s ‘everyone’s guess’ what May will do next”: TV Interview for CNBC Asia.

(3) “Second Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un may be held ‘after October’ Interview for South China Morning Post.

(4) “The EU doesn’t want to compromise further on Brexit Deal: Researcher.” CNBC.

Image result for The EU doesn't want to compromise further on Brexit deal: Researcher

(5) My analysis of the key causes behind the landmark 2016 Brexit vote for Radio Television Hong Kong can be found on the video below:

(6) My analysis for MingPao on the Catalan Independence Movement (translated into Chinese) can be found here:


(7) “The importance of immigration in European politics”: TV Interview for CNBC Asia

(8) Consensus on Migration in Europe ‘Unlikely Any Time Soon’: TV Interview for Sputnik International


(9) “UKIP Have Had Their Day”: Interview with Politics World (2017 British General Election)

(10) My special edition interview for the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce investigated the key polling trends in the run-up to the 2016 Brexit Referendum, alongside implications for global politics in the context of widespread patterns of electoral volatility.