I am a passionate believer in research informing teaching. I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching, from the University of Kent (UK) and a Professional Certificate of “Excellence” in Teaching at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (SAR, China). I draw on a wide range of Applied Flipped classroom teaching methods, such as Simulations (Model EU), Online Lectures & Group Discussions via Live Online Zoom & Panopto Softwares (with the Zoom Break-Out Feature), small scale interactive Tutorial style learning in Cafés alongside Applied Data Lab sessions and Online Group Project Presentations.

I also conduct regular Undergraduate Admissions Talks at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, for the Faculty of Social Sciences. I have recently been nominated for a Faculty of Social Sciences Teaching Award (Exemplary Teaching Award) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I also previously taught courses in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at The University of Hong Kong.

I teach courses (both Undergraduate & Masters Level) primarily in Comparative Politics (European and Asian Politics), Elections and Voting alongside Methodology (Quantitative and Qualitative Methods). I currently supervise undergraduate dissertation projects that relate to comparative politics (Populism in Europe & Asian Politics) alongside Electoral Studies and Party Politics.

I have taught on the MSSc Greater China Programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I have also been a Guest Lecturer/Consultant for the Europe Asia Policy Centre for Comparative Research (HKBU) alongside the Master of Science in International & Development Economics (MIDE) at Lingnan University. These topics have related to Brexit, Populism, Developmental Economics and Comparative Asian Politics. Recently, I also contributed as a Guest Speaker for the HKU Online MOOC, “Europe Without Borders.”

I have recently developed an innovative course in the Department of Government & Public Administration and at Lee Woo Sing College (CUHK) that examines the ‘rise’ of right-wing and left-wing populism in Europe. This is unique as it is the first course of its kind in Hong Kong. I place a strong emphasis on teaching and this is reflected in my excellent teaching evaluation scores in both Hong Kong and in the United Kingdom.

Teaching Grants:

Special Funding Scheme for Online Learning (CUHK) – Topic: “Teaching European Politics in Hong Kong: Fostering an Interactive Online Teaching Methodology” (HKD 32,000). (Under Review).

At CUHK, I teach the following courses:

(1) Comparative Politics:

GPAD 3160: Governance of the European Union (2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020) Syllabus

GPAD 3161/GEWS 2111: The Rise of Populism in Europe (2018, 2020 & 2021) Syllabus

GPAD 4142: Seminar in Comparative Politics (2019)

GPAD 2145: Electoral Studies (2019) Syllabus

(2) International Relations:

GLBS 3403: The European Union & The World (2020 & 2021)

GPAD 2395: Comparative Asian Politics (2018 & 2019) Syllabus

GPAD 2355/UGEC 2683: Globalization & Politics (2020)

(3) Research Methodology & Statistics:

GPAD 2111: Political Research Methodology (2018, 2019 & 2021) Syllabus

GPGC 5005: Methods in Social Science Research (Masters Course, MSSc Greater China Programme) (2019)

Current Undergraduate Dissertation Students: (2018-20) GPAD & Global Studies:

I also supervise 10+ Undergraduate Dissertation Projects at CUHK:

Yuk Man Ng: A Case Study of Hong Kong (Awarded the Professor Kuan Hsin Chi Best Thesis Award).

Soeng Him (Sean) Lee: Explaining the Conservative Nature among Hong Kong Business Elites: With the Historical Analysis of Hong Kong Government-Business Ruling Coalition.

Jeremy Lok: How does the level of governmental social welfare provision affect populist radical right parties’ performance in national parliamentary elections?  A Case Study Analysis of Sweden.

Tang Yu Hin: Creating a European Memory: A socio-cultural process in truly bringing countries to a Union.

Wong Cheuk Wai: The Role of Political Amateurs in Comparative Politics.

Arica Ching: Populism in Central-Eastern Europe (A Case study of Hungary & The Czech Republic).

Oscar To: Political Movements in Contemporary European Politics: A Case Study of Ukraine.

Yucca Yee: Identity Politics from a Comparative Perspective? Civic or ethno-cultural values?

Soobin Park: Brexit Case Study: Did the masses make an informed decision?

Lee Ho Chun: A Comparison of Chinese and Western Ethical realism in International Relations.

Vanessa Wong: Chinese Dominance in an Environmental Perspective: A Case Study Analysis of the One-Belt-One-Road Initiative.

Stata Lab Materials:

GPAD 1020-B: Fundamentals of Government (2018 & 2019) Syllabus

My additional course syllabi can be found here.

Recent Teaching Evaluation Scores (2018-19):

GEWS 2121: The Rise of Populism in Europe (6/6) “Excellent”

GPAD 3160: Governance of the European Union (5.7/6) “Very Good”

GPAD 2395: Comparative Asian Politics (5.8/6) “Very Good”

GPAD 2145: Electoral Studies (5.8/6) “Very Good”

GPAD 2111B: Political Research Methodology (5.5/6) “Very Good”

GPAD 1020-B: Fundamentals of Government (5.3/6) “Very Good”


I have recently published two interrelated pieces for the UK Higher Education Academy (where I am an Associate Fellow) and for the British International Studies Association (BISA PGN) Network on the importance of teaching both Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods to political science undergraduate students and my teaching philosophy. During my time as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Kent, I was nominated for the Kent Union Teaching Awards Prize for teaching Statistics in the module Political Research & Analysis (2015-16).

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A recent example of a Guest Lecture that I delivered on “The Causes of Brexit & Implications for East Asia” can be found here:

一年一度政政系盛事——「政政足球盃2018」於上星期四月十二日晚上七時於中大嶺南場進行決賽,由以馬嶽教授及Dr. James Downes領軍的「Real GPAD」隊對決學生隊伍「馬嶽粉絲足球隊」。經過一番龍爭虎鬥,最後結果以10:6,由「馬嶽粉絲足球隊」勝出。

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